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The Titanium Athlete’s Corner: The 4th Discipline – Strength Training

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A few years ago I got into to triathlons after looking for something other than running in my life.  I tried a triathlon and was hooked.  I have made it a part of my life now and love competing and just being around other active people who share the same interests.

I just wanted to share my thoughts and experiences on strength training for triathletes.  After the season was over last year I felt totally run down, like all my strength had been taken away from me.  It was the end of my first full season as a triathlete and I was worn out.  Granted some of this was due to doing 6 tris, a 25K road race, a  ½ marathon, and several adventure races; but I thought there has got to be a way to end the season and still feel strong.

I had recently joined the YMCA and thought I would start there to see what was available for a class or individual training session.  I found a class that would fit in to my schedule that was described as total body sculpt (tbs).  It was three days a week for 45 minutes, so I thought I would drop in for a few classes and see where it took me.  I talked to the instructor for a few minutes after the first class, introduced myself and got a feel for what the class was all about.

I stuck with the class through the cold winter months as a way to strengthen my core and entire body.  I have come out of the winter months feeling stronger than I have in years thanks to this class.  This class has taught me the value of strength training, and shown me what a good strength training program in the off season can do for you.

I have decided to fit this class in to my training program through out the year now.  It may only be one or two days a week, instead of all three days like I am going now, but I have seen the value and it is worth the time to fit it in to my training plan.

So if you are looking to get better at the sport of triathlon as a whole, I would definitely encourage you to try and find a strength training regiment and work it in to your training plan.  It is a wonderful way to change up the same old same, old routine and add a change of pace to your training a couple days a week

– Brian Jirous

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