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Ultra, Half, Olympic & Sprint Distances Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquabike, Relay, Swim-Only Events

Race Day Schedule


  • 4:30 am: Shuttles Between Parking Lots Start
  • 5:00 am: Transition Opens
  • 6:45 am: Pre-Race Meeting: Full Distance
  • 7:00 am: Full Distance Swim Start
  • 7:45 am: Transition Closes
  • 7:45 am: Pre-Race Meeting: Half and Olympic
  • 8:00 am: Half Distance Swim Waves Start
  • 8:20 am: Half and Full Duathlon Start
  • 8:30 am: Olympic Distance Swim Waves Start
  • 8:45 am: Olympic Duathlon Start
  • 9:45 am: Swim Course Closes
  • 1:30 pm: Bike Midway Cut-Off
  • 5:30 pm: Bike Course Closes
  • 9:00 pm: Shuttles Stop
  • 10:30 pm: Run Midway Cut-Off
  • Midnight: Full Distance Course Closes

PLEASE NOTE: This schedule is tentative and subject to change prior to race.

COURSE CUT-OFF TIMES: We will strictly adhere to all cut-off times due to the reopening of roads and availability of
medical support. If you do not arrive at the designated cut-off within the time allowed, you will be removed from the course. Thank you for your cooperation. Cut-off times apply to all distances.

For more information about competing in Michigan Titanium please contact us here.