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The Titanium Athlete’s Corner: Endurance

Triathlon is an endurance sport.  I know this is not the most complex thing someone has ever said about the sport.  However, I think many people might get too caught up in swimming, running and biking every day.  There is one key element that might be overlooked by a majority of age-groupers out there.  STRENGTH training!  Not just using a band and doing fifteen minutes of stretches and wiggling around!  I’m talking about slinging some weights!  I believe that you can only get so much out of doing the core elements of triathlon every day.   Creating a strength plan that will hit many of the major muscle groups that you use during a race WILL help you in your season.

There are many muscle groups that you use in each phase of triathlon, but in strength training, you can pinpoint specific areas and build them up.  One area that you can focus on is the core.  I know that is a big area but if you work the core you will see benefits in all phases of triathlon.  The core will help you swim in a better position.  It can help with a more efficient pedal stroke on the bike.  I will definitely help maintain your posture in those final miles on the run!  Now you can get some core work in your normal training, but doing core-specific moves for half an hour 2-3 times a week will make you better prepared for your next race.

I like to do my strength in a circuit style, meaning no breaks from one move to the next.  Select five to eight moves and do them back to back for four to six sets.  Some of my favorite moves are burpees, plank runners, push-ups, tuck knee jumps, squats with a dumbbell press, and various types of ab moves but not crunches!

Try to create a strength training plan and start with the core.  Work in two to three sessions a week.  Go at it circuit style and be creative. There are limitless moves and they don’t need to be perfect.  Use your imagination! You will get faster and have more fun without putting extra pounding on your body!

Do you have a great core workout you’d like to share? We’d love to try it! Share it in the comments below.

– Frank Malott

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