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USAT Race Directors Symposium

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Mid-January I had the opportunity to attend the USAT Directors Symposium in Colorado Springs, CO (along with Andy & Doug). There were over 100 triathlon directors from around the country there to share their experiences and give us insight into their worlds.

The Symposium offered the opportunity to hear some amazing speakers such as David McGillivray, the race director for the Boston Marathon and Bill Burke, race director for the NYC Triathlon, Hy-Vee Triathlon, and the list goes on. One of the things I admired in listening to these guys and even having the opportunity afterward to have some one-on-one discussions, was their humility, commitment, and passion for the sport, not to mention their over-the-top energy. We felt a real bond with several of them after spending the long weekend together. We even received a personal invitation to attend Hy-Vee as guests to observe behind the scenes what a race at that level looks like. Another great trip on the calendar for this year!

The biggest take away for the weekend for me, however, was the importance of staying in touch and listening to the athletes. They are the ones out there doing the work to train and participate in our events. Our desire is to put on world-class triathlons in Grand Rapids and Michigan and it’s really the athlete who gets to determine if we have achieved that.

Thanks for all your support of the triathlon sport!

Ann Vidro


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