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Transition and Special Needs Bags

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There are many of you wondering about Transition and Special Needs Bags. We have heard you, and wanted to provide answers to your questions, plus additional tips!

Who will have access to the Transition & Special Needs Bags?
This service and bags will only be available to the Full Distance Athletes.

Will there be Changing Tents available?
Yes we will have separate Male and Female changing tents available in transition for the Full Distance Athletes.

When do I turn in my Transition Bags?
You must turn in all bags prior to 6:30am on Sunday morning.

What bags will I receive?
Each Full Distance Athlete will be provided with four bags at Packet Pick-up for race day:
• Swim to Bike Transition
• Bike to Run Transition
• Special Needs Bike
• Special Needs Run

Do Full Distance Athletes need to use Transition Bags?
Yes, loose gear will be not allowed in the transition area on the ground next to the bikes of the Full Distance Athletes. You will be provided a bag for all of your transition needs. Transition Bag check-in is located in transition right outside of the changing tents. You will be required to hang your transition bags at the pre-assigned location which will be identified by your bib number. You must have your bags placed by 6:30am on race morning.

Where do I drop off my Special Needs Bags?
Bike and Run Special Needs bags will need to be dropped off Sunday morning at the designated drop off location. This area will be clearly marked and located just outside of transition. MiTi Staff will transport these bags to the special needs stations which will be located near the midpoint of the bike and the halfway point on the run.

Will I get my Special Needs Bags Back?
We will make an effort to return these bags to you; however we are not responsible for items not returned. DO NOT place anything of value in your special needs bag. Special Needs bags can be retrieved on Sunday until midnight. They will be located at the special needs drop off location outside of transition.

What should I pack in my Bags?
For Your Swim to Bike Bag:
• Bike Shoes
• Bike Helmet- must be cpcs certified
• Bike Socks
• Bike Sun Glasses
• Bike Clothing (if not wearing it on the swim)
• Bike Nutrition (it is best to bring the nutrition you plan to use on the bike with you in the morning instead of placing it on your bike the night prior to the race because of potential weather issues.)

For Your Bike to Run Bags:
• Run Shoes
• Run hat or visor
• Socks
• Race Belt with Bib number already attached.
• Clean Glasses if you prefer
• Change of Clothes
• Reflective Gear if you anticipate needing it
• Nutrition

Bike Special Needs Bag:
• Extra Sun Block
• Body Glide or Chaffing Ointment
• Extra Nutrition in case you drop something
• Extra tire or tube

Run Special Needs Bag:
• Extra socks incase of rain
• Long Sleeve shirt if you think you are going to be running after dark.
• Think back to your training, if you ever stopped at a gas station during a long run. What did you need (Extra water? Salty snack? Sweet snack?)

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