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COVID-19 Update 5/21/20

By May 21, 2020June 15th, 2020No Comments

COVID-19 Update 5/21/20

Another 4 weeks has passed. We held our first full MiTi staff meeting this week via Zoom and are still hitting our race planning marks on schedule. There have been several developments the past month that all participants should be aware of.

USA Triathlon Safe Return to Multisport Guidelines

USA Triathlon recently launched their “Safe Return to Multisport Initiative” which recommends guidelines under which multisport events may be held. It is extensive and alters all aspects of holding an event.

A general overview of the guidelines can be found by clicking here.

We have been reviewing the guidelines and while certainly challenging, we can see a path forward to hold the event as scheduled. Would it be the “normal” MiTi as years past? No, but any race that is able to be held for the foreseeable future will not be “normal” given the extra safety procedures that absolutely need to be put in place and social distancing that needs to happen. This will alter everything from event size, transition, aid stations, volunteers, finish line, post-race activities and more. USA Triathlon has also released a comprehensive guide for race directors which expands on the guidelines linked above.

Return to Racing Recommendations for Athletes

In addition, USA Triathlon released today their Return to Racing Recommendations for Athletes, which details procedures and considerations all athletes should be taking for themselves before and during an event.

What does this mean?

Bottom-line, we are working on how to hold this event with the USA Triathlon guidelines in mind which are meant to keep everyone, participants, volunteers and race staff, as safe as possible. We still do not know what local, state and federal rules/mandates will be in effect beyond the end of this month. We do not know yet if there will be any municipal rules that will prevent large gatherings to happen.

What we do know is that should we not be able to hold the event, we will do our best to present viable and fair options to our participants much like we did with our partner race, the Grand Rapids Triathlon. We will have updates coming more regularly going forward and will make decisions based on the best available data and recommendations we have.

Stay safe & healthy,
Jon & John