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Adam Pugh: Racing with Skechers Performance

By August 10, 2016No Comments

The Michigan Titanium is excited to welcome Skechers Performance as a sponsor and with them Adam Pugh, one of their run-specialty sales reps. Adam will not only be on the MiTi course as a rep for Skechers, but he will also be competing as an athlete. Thanks to peer pressure, he started doing triathlons. After a brief hiatus from triathlons, Adam will return to the sport by competing in the MiTi Olympic distance.

Adam has been running for 17 years and was also on his high school swim team. His running talents earned him a cross country scholarship in college and he has continued to run after graduation. His love of running led him to a job he loves. He’s able to spend his days hanging around running stores talking to people who share his passion. Adam says, “Confucius nailed it when he said, ‘Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ Meeting new people and finding new places to run have been great!”

While Adam truly enjoys his job, it does make triathlon training a challenge. “I’m on the road about 80% of the time. Finding a good balance between work and staying active has been a big challenge.” As a result, training can be hit or miss when he’s traveling. But no matter where he is, it’s not that difficult to head out the door and just run. The travel makes cycling a much bigger challenge, though. Because he hadn’t touched his bike in about five years, his focus leading up to the MI Titanium has been cycling.

Adam is inspired by “anyone who has the guts to get out and hit the roads. The stories of people getting involved in running and completely changing their lives are such an inspiration. Running can be incredibly empowering!” Getting back in the game at MiTi has inspired Adam to keep training, sign up for a few more triathlons, and eventually compete in a full-distance tri. He’s already halfway there. His highlight moment was “Finishing the Florida Half Ironman—without crying.”

While Adam plans to push forward and get more involved in triathlons, so does Skechers Performance. One step to that is Skechers becoming a sponsor to the MI Titanium and supporting the MiTi athletes. Over the last few years, Skechers has been using feedback from triathletes like Lionel Sanders, Matty Reed, and Sarah Haskins to develop the best tri shoes on the market. Adam will personally be running in Lionel’s favorite shoe, the GoRun 4’s. Adam also wants to remind you all to head to the locally owned Striders stores to check out these tri-friendly shoes.

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