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Shelley Irwin’s First Half Distance Triathlon

By August 25, 2012 No Comments

In it to win it? NO. First through the chute, gets the only salute? NO. No pain, No Gain? Well, maybe just a little. Sunday, August 26th, 2012 I participate in my first half ironman. YES, it’s been on the bucket list.

One would think that a Radio Morning Show Host, committed to Community Boards, Advisory Councils, frequently the luncheon “emcee”, owning three Jack Russell terriers, plus a lawn to mow, wouldn’t have the time to “do” this extracurricular activity. But I’m certain, I’m preaching to the triathlete choir. Busy is our best. And you can’t fight passion!

Embarking upon this MiTi half ironman adventure, I’m following the rules. I began with the indoor triathlons, progressed to the Sprints, attended the free instructional seminars and conquered the Grand Rapids Olympic Triathlon June 10, 2012! My swim is slow (that was me backstroking), I’m improving on my purple bike and I’m steady on the run (I do miss my iPod!) I have a 5 month half ironman training plan that reminds me, today is a bike day, tomorrow I swim and run. And, I try to fit it in…sometimes before the dogs are fed. Whoops!

I spend most of my time training on my own. Maybe we’ll call it my “down time”. Posting my training schedule on Facebook has helped with my personal accountability, plus perhaps there’s been one future racer that’s been inspired. I certainly have many role models who I count on to keep me focused.

I’m 51. I think and act 31. Enough on that topic.

I like firsts and August 26th I”ll experience the first MI Ti and MY first half ironman. I put my faith in the MiTi Race Directors that we athletes will be in good hands on race day. I put my faith in myself that I will train to my best ability, as ON Race Day…that’s where I place my confidence. There would be no faking one’s readiness for such a feat. Today’s schedule, 90 minutes in the saddle. The water bottles have been on ice, and the tires are pumped. As am I. Isn’t life about attitude, choice, following your passions and just doing it? On Sunday, August 26th, meet you at the finish line.

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