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Kevin DeVries – Full Distance Triathlete

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Kevin DeVries is a triathlete through and through. Not only does he love endurance and cross training, but he also seems to fit both his personal and professional life in there as well. Kevin began working for Mercantile Bank in 1999 and is now the Director of Information Systems. He is married with 3 kids where they are the typical “Brady Bunch” type family. He also spends time playing the piano and participating in a local church band.

Q: What is one thing you are looking forward to on race day?

I really enjoy the whole experience of race day.  Getting up way too early, getting to the race site, getting set up and trying to settle myself down by talking to other racers, finding people I know to talk to, and then pushing my body till it’s either wrecked or I finish with an acceptable time (in my mind)!

Q:  What inspired you to begin participating in triathlons?

It evolved from just having fun at running events, 5K’s, 10K’s, RiverBank and other events.

Q: Do you have a favorite training or race day story?

I still remember just going out there with my 75$ cheapy bike and cotton shirt and shorts, riding with tires that weren’t pumped to their fullest (I’m sure) and hitting the wall on the run because I didn’t know how to handle nutrition.  But heck, I sure had a great time doing it and learned from every mistake I’ve ever made.  Every picture from those races I always had a big ole cheesy smile on my face, just enjoying the whole experience.

Q:  How has being a triathlete changed your life?

I’ve always worked out and was involved in High school sports, never was a star at anything, just good at everything, which is why I think I’m a halfway decent tri guy…  So it hasn’t really changed my life that much, just changed the way I work out.  Now instead of being addicted to pumping iron, I’m addicted to finding out how far, fast, and long I can go.  Quite honestly I think I’m addicted to endurance training…crazy.

Q: What would you say to encourage others to participate in Triathlons?

I would say if you are an active person at all, you have to give tri a try!  If you’re looking to get to the next level in anything, whether it’s your career, education, family life, spiritual life you have to find ways to stretch yourself by learning, succeeding and failing in some cases – it’s the only way you grow.  If you’re not growing, you’re dying…

Q: Any other information, stories, thoughts, inspirations, tips, goals, etc., you would like to share with other participants?

I’ll never forget one of the first races I was running (Riverbank I believe) and I thought I was in pretty good shape and holding a decent pace when two little grey haired ladies passed me while holding a conversation like they were sitting around having a cup of joe at Starbucks.  It humbled me…  I try not to take myself too seriously anymore.  There’s always somebody faster.

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