140.6 mile Ultra-Distance half olympic relay aquabike duathlon virtual

MiTi Race Crew

Lori Ott


2021 marks my ninth year as a triathlete and my eighth year on staff of the Michigan Titanium and the Grand Rapids Tri. It wouldn’t be an over exaggeration to say that triathlon is my life. I work on both triathlons all year long, volunteer for several other races throughout West Michigan, and train when I can. As much as I enjoy being a triathlete and getting out on the course, my passion is really being behind the scenes and helping others cross the finish line. This really has become a family affair. I love working along side my husband, Bill, and my youngest son, Graydon, on race day. While my teenagers prefer to stay behind the scenes they’ve been known to haul tri equipment for me and even help with odd jobs leading up to race day. Whether you compete, organize, volunteer, or enthusiastically spectate, I truly believe this sport has something for everyone!

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Josh Hanenburg


I completed my first triathlon over 15 years ago. I needed a challenge/goal to strive for during my gap year before starting PT school at University of Colorado. After that first event I was hooked, much like most long time triathletes. I have completed every distance from sprint to 140.6. These days I have been keeping the distances shorter to spend time with my wife and 2 girls, but can’t give it up. I love the community, race day comradery and the challenges that you face during every triathlon season. I now have the opportunity to help support other triathletes reach their goals through joining the MiTi team. Looking forward to seeing you out there!

Tony Horvath


This is my third year on staff for the Michigan Titanium. As an athlete I enjoy cycling and doing mud races. I’m in the process of making a career change in my work place. I’m also very proud father of an Western Michigan University graduated.

Jay Fournier


For as long as I can remember, triathlon has been on my radar but, getting more and more involved in biking within the Grand Rapids community and then joining Team Apex Multisport only fueled my interest and also became the gateway! Over the past 2 years I have met so many incredible people that helped me complete my first sprint triathlon last year and then 3 more and now I am hooked! I will be doing 5 more this year including my first Oly and I also will be on a relay team (swim) for the inaugural Ironman Traverse City! A full distance event is in the near future! It’s been a very contagious bug but, I love everything about it! I remember what it felt like when I completed my first Sprint and now I want to help others accomplish their goals, whatever that distance may be. Giving back in that way is an accomplishment for me. The bug has also spread through my family as my wife will be competing in her first ever Sprint this year and you will see my 2 sons (10 & 7) racing in the MiTi kid’s event for their first time as well!

Don Goetcheus


In 2007 I was minding my own business swimming laps a couple days a week and mountain biking to stay in shape. But these sports, on my own, weren’t getting the workouts that I needed. So I started running for the first time in my life. Within a year I had finished my first full marathon. In 2008 a friend, I swam with on the high school swim team, asked me to join him at a Master swim practice. While at practice, he mentioned a group that was getting together to transport handicapped individuals around at triathlons and he wanted me to be a part of the running leg. That was the beginning of My Team Triumph. My experience with My Team Triumph proved life changing, as I had been bitten by the triathlon bug. As a result, I have worked my way up to multiple Half-Ironman distance tris, multiple marathons, and a few bike races each year. My down time is spent with my two teenage boys, and as a financial advisor with Amerprise Financial Services.

Todd Bradford


Todd Bradford is an avid cyclist with a passion for all things two wheeled. Between weekend rides and commuting to work on either his bike or his motorcycle, he often forgets what it’s like to drive a car during the summer months. He is a hard working family man, is active in his church and is a lifelong resident of the Grand Rapids area. Todd is also a certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation RiderCoach and teaches basic and advanced courses through Fox Powersports.

Keith Love


I started in triathlons in 2016 with my first sprint Tri. I was instantly hooked completing the half iron distance at the GR Tri in 2017 and full Ironman in Boulder CO in 2019. You could say I am sort of a data nerd and love all aspects of triathlon lifestyle from the training to the diets to magic of race day. This will be my first year working behind the scenes and I am beyond excited for all of the new amazing athletes that I will get to meet!

Emma Baranowski


I have been a part of the MiTi Team since 2012 and it has changed my world! I attended my first Tri as a spectator and was “hooked” from that moment on. I joined the race committee and even started running! It was shortly after that I started to plan my year of firsts: my first bike race, my first marathon, and my first Triathlon! It was an awesome experience and I am looking forward to competing in more races in the future. As you can see, this sport has been a positive and life changing experience for me and I am grateful that I am able to give back by serving on this committee.


Chelsea Montes


I am new to the Grand Rapids area after moving here in July. Originally a Traverse City native, I have lived in many places such as Minnesota, Colorado and even Ecuador, but I am very excited to finally be back in my home state. While I have not officially competed in a triathlon myself, I have a love for the triathlon world and community after working and traveling as a Media Delegate and Social Media Manager for the International Triathlon Union for over four years. One of my most memorable triathlon moments of my career was witnessing Gwen Jorgensen win the very first Gold Medal for the USA at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. I am excited to join the MiTi and GR Tri team and hopefully, with some swim lessons, my goal is to compete in my very first triathlon this summer!


Bill Ott


Bill blindly followed his wife into the life of triathlon, having no idea how addictive it would become. A runner by trade, he lives by the motto, “you can sleep when you’re dead”, a mantra he coined shortly after the birth of there now teenage twins. A general disdain for the bike means you’re more likely to find him in an ultra marathon than a full iron, but he still has plans someday. Until then he’ll keep living life on the edge, frying bacon shirtless, running marathons on a whim, and relaxing to the dulcet tones of Larry Crabbe. (Bill also likes to talk about himself in third person.)

Brian Jirous


This is my 6th year being on staff for this race. I love being part of these events and being in the “eye of the storm” doing transition and seeing the athletes at all stages of the race. I have done several half distance tris and I have completed Ironman Chattanooga, TN. When not training or competing I run a youth basketball program for 3rd thru 8th grade girls and coach a school team and an AAU team. I am supported by my wife and best friend Liz and have 3 daughters that are very active as well.

Brian O-Connell


I had completed local 5ks, 10ks, a couple of 25ks, and an annual triathlon, but in 2013 something changed. As a Boston native and growing up watching the Boston marathon it was devastating watching all the people that were injured during that tragic event. Living in Michigan I was not really sure how I could help, so I immediately signed up for a half marathon. I felt like the best way I could honor the victims was to keep running! With some encouragement from a few friends that escalated quickly into my first 70.3 which needless to say was a life changing event. Luckily my wife and son have been very supportive as my journey has evolved into multiple racecations and now I have completed 2 Ironmans. As a member of Team Apex I had an opportunity to assist one my teammates with helping set up the bike transition area for the GR Tri. This gave me a better appreciation for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to pull off such an amazing event. Working with the MiTi feels like the perfect event to be involved with to help give back to all of those that have helped me cross the finish line!!

Jill Beckwith


This will be my third year being known as Snow Cone Jill. I love being able to take care of the families and friends of athletes during the race. For me their experience & happiness go hand and hand with that of the participants. Whether I am recruiting volunteers for a My Team Triumph event, helping someone at Gazelle Sports find the shoe that will finally give them relief or making a snow cone that’s where I am most happy. It really does feed my soul.

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