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Ultra, Half, Olympic & Sprint Distances Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquabike, Relay, Swim-Only Events

Why Race MiTi

From the Ultra-Distance 140.6 mile triathlon down to the Olympic-distance, we pride ourselves in giving you the best race experience we can. Our hundreds of Michigan Titanium volunteers come out in force to help and encourage you during packet pickup and throughout your race day.

For the longer Ultra and Half triathletes, we realize you have lots of branded race choices out there when planning your race calendars. Price, location and overall experience all factor into your decision.

So why choose Michigan Titanium over other races?


When registering for other branded Ultras, you will pay on average $700-800 in entry fees. Once you consider travel, higher hotel costs and the multiple days you have to be in the race city, you will be spending an additional $1500-3000.

When registering for the Ultra at Michigan Titanium, your entry fee can be as low as an affordable $395 (early bird). Our athlete check-in is the day-before the race, not 3 days prior so you will save on hotel costs.

For out-of-town participants, Gerald R. Ford International Airport is an easy 20 minute ride from the race venue. With lots of direct flights coming in from around the country, getting to Grand Rapids, Michigan is a snap.

Family-Friendly Finish

Crossing the finish line after swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles and THEN doing a marathon is pure glory. The rush of emotions you will have is incredible. Know what could make it even better? Having the option to cross with your spouse, loved-one, kids, parents, dog, 5th grade teacher, whoever. You can do it at Michigan Titanium!

The BEST Volunteers Anywhere

Up to 400 passionate people: That’s who come out to support every part of your race day. From athlete check-in to wet-suit strippers to aid stations to finish-line catchers, they are here for YOU! Read the Facebook comments and reviews and you will see that our Michigan Titanium volunteers are top-notch.

We Are Triathletes

Many of us have done short and long distance triathlons, from the race directors down to many of the staff and volunteers. We know what you value during the race and we understand how you feel throughout every part of your day. We pour all of our passion for triathlon into making this your best race possible.


Our race venue is beautiful. From the swim in crystal-clear Versluis Lake to the 56 mile loop right through the West Michigan country-side, our course has a lot to offer during your long day. Once you are off the bike and back in transition, head out for some loops on our closed run course to finish up your day!

Grand Rapids Area

Get ready to be wowed – Grand Rapids never fails to surprise visitors with the huge variety of things to see and do here: World-renowned art, museums and historic sites for cultural vacationers. World-class golf, recreation and beaches for nature lovers. Breweries around every corner because we are known as Beer City USA. Incredible farm-to-table restaurants for foodies and wholesome “playcation” fun for families.

It’s all topped off by the most vibrant downtown between Chicago and Cleveland – all the benefits of a big city with none of the hassle.

For more information about competing in Michigan Titanium please contact us here.