Come. Tri. Conquer.

Posted 6.28.2013 in Training Tips

Weight.  No not how much can you lift, your personal weight.  We call it race weight.  This is a very thin line, between being at a healthy racing weight and being too light.  I had originally set a goal to race at 165 lbs this summer! I thought I would be so lean and fast it would be ridicules!  Well I got to around 168 lbs and started feeling really tired and even went into the doctor because I was getting dizzy often.  I was getting dehydrated and I was not getting in enough calories.

I know the longer distance triathletes really plan out their race day nutrition.  Some go as far as writing down what times they will eat and what it will be too.  However, sometimes we might forget to fuel ourselves for every-day training.  We can burn through so many calories, we need to remember to replenish throughout the day and week.

There is nothing worse than having that feeling of being out of gas on a workout that you should just be hammering.  We need to remember to fuel all the time.  Yes, I called it fuel.  After all, what we eat during the day is really what is going to fuel us through those high intense run, bike and swim sets.

The offseason is when you should work on getting to that perfect race weight, then you maintain once you are out of your base training phase.  Trust me it is really hard to make weight up!

Eat food that is simple.  If you cannot pronounce or you don’t know what some of the ingredients are that you are going to be eating, forget about it!  Simple food is stuff that has very few ingredients!  Be creative too.  Eating chicken and broccoli every day in the summer will not satisfy either!

Fuel your workouts, just as you would fuel your races.  I would bet you will have better workouts, which will equal better races!

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