Come. Tri. Conquer.

Posted 6.28.2013 in News & Notes

WestmisportscomThe West Michigan Sports Commission (WMSC) was started in 2007 and has had a significant economic impact welcomed by the West Michigan area. While the recession affected thousands of industries across the Nation, the amateur sports business continued to experience growth. The Sports Commission worked in congruence with multiple other sport vendors, teams, and conferences to put West Michigan on the map as a premier destination for amateur sports within the United States. The WMSC continues to attract high end sporting events to the region, and bring in thousands of spectators every year. In a mere six years of operations, they have brought in over 300,000 people to the area and generated over $100 million in visitor spending fulfilling their mission to create a successful economic impact in the West Michigan area. In 2010, the Sports Commission created their own signature event “The Meijer State Games of Michigan” which has grown into the largest sport events in the State. The Games encourage people of all ages and athletic abilities to come to West Michigan and compete in a wide variety of sports to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Through the State Games and other events, the Sports Commission looks to continue enhancing the quality of life of the community through amateur sports.

While the WMSC is spends a lot of time planning and attracting these high profile sporting events. They also take the time to help volunteer with the organizations that have chosen the West Michigan area, the Michigan Titanium is one of these events. During the 2012 event, members of the staff volunteered all over the three aspects of the triathlon course in an effort to ensure the success of the event. The West Michigan Sports Commission President Mike Guswiler found himself in a kayak paddling across Versluis lake encouraging and directing participants. Other members of the staff worked on the bike course to direct both the ½ iron man participants and the full iron man participants on their separate courses. The entire WMSC staff said it was a great experience and an awesome atmosphere that they hope to be a part of again!