Iron Rusts.
Titanium Doesn't.

Posted 6.28.2013 in Training Tips

Weight.  No not how much can you lift, your personal weight.  We call it race weight.  This is a very thin line, between being at a healthy racing weight and being too light.  I had originally set a goal to race at 165 lbs this summer! I thought I would be so lean and fast … Read more

Posted 5.23.2013 in Training Tips

By Frank Malott   So, everyone should be heavy into training, Triathlon season is here!  Many of our first races could be weeks away.  How are you feeling?  I had a day this week where I just had to hit snooze and restructure my weekly plan to have a day off. Most Triathletes would be considered … Read more

Posted 5.15.2013 in Training Tips

  Triathlon is an endurance sport.  I know this is not the most complex thing someone has ever said about the sport.  However, I think many people might get too caught up in swimming, running and biking everyday.  There is one key element that might be overlooked by a majority of age-groupers out there.  STRENGTH training!  … Read more

Posted 4.22.2013 in Training Tips

  The Titanium Athlete’s Corner is dedicated to our triathletes! Leading up to race day we will be posting multiple blogs full of great advice, tips & stories  from your peers, triathletes participating in the Michigan Titanium.  Do you have great advice on training you would like to share? Feel free to email and find out how to be our next Titanium … Read more

Posted 8.19.2012 in Training Tips

So race day is here.  You’ve followed your plan, trained hard, prepared your bike, triple checked all of your gear, mentally run the race several times by now, and likely have a goal time in mind.  What is there left to do? In 2010, as I walked out of the race expo on the day … Read more