News & Notes from Mi Titanium

Posted 7.30.2014 in News & Notes

Tom, Chris, Brian & Steve Kunst are all Full Distance Triathletes who have been participating in the MI Titanium since the beginning. West Michigan has a lot of great, strong families, but the Kunst Family is Titanium strong. Learn more about these four incredible triathletes and the rest of their family. Who is the Kunst … Read more

Posted 7.25.2014 in News & Notes

This year the MI Titanium welcomes a new title sponsor, ISI. Founded in 2002 by Ryan Leestma, ISI is a small, family-owned business that has built its reputation on providing excellent service and expertise. A premiere IT service provider throughout West Michigan, ISI specializes in Cisco products and solutions. Ryan Leestma is not only the founder and … Read more

Posted 6.28.2013 in News & Notes

The West Michigan Sports Commission (WMSC) was started in 2007 and has had a significant economic impact welcomed by the West Michigan area. While the recession affected thousands of industries across the Nation, the amateur sports business continued to experience growth. The Sports Commission worked in congruence with multiple other sport vendors, teams, and conferences … Read more

Posted 2.6.2013 in News & Notes

Two hundred eighty-three days until the Ironman Florida race day.  The last 40 days have flown by in a whirlwind of holiday excitement and business travel craziness.  And, if I am being completely honest, there has been a very minimal amount of training. But I am proud to say that most of the chaos has … Read more

Posted 2.4.2013 in News & Notes

Mid-January I had the opportunity to attend the USAT Directors Symposium in Colorado Springs, CO (along with Andy & Doug). There were over 100 triathlon directors from around the country there to share their experiences and give us insight into their worlds. The Symposium offered the opportunity to hear some amazing speakers such as David McGillivray, the race director … Read more